Management Areas

Within Randers Kommune there are four major management areas, or departments, that cover most of the different areas involved within a government. Everything from social welfare and employment, to culture and free time activities, is overseen within one of the following departments.

The main department is listed, followed by the different smaller divisions within that sector.

Social Welfare and Employment  – Steinar Eggen Kristensen

Secretariat – Katrine Axél
Social Welfare Office – Carsten W. Hansen
Work Market Office – Ole Andersen

Environment and Technical (Physical Maintenance) – Lene Andersen

Secretariat - Sidsel Homann
Nature and Environment – Nels Markussen
Planning, Roads and Buildings – Rune Asmussen
Management Department – Martin Toft

Health, Aging and Culture – Erik Mouritsen 

Secretariat – Per Adelhart Christensen
Aging – Per Christensen
Health – Lene Jensen
Arts, Culture and Leisure time

Hans Minor Vedel

Children And School – Hans Minor Vedel

Secretariat – Bo Skovgaard
Schools – Henrik Johansen
Children – Dorte Brøns
Children and Families – Ann Hermansen