Randers Kommune is governed by the City Council, which appoints the Mayor (in collaboration with voting done every 4 years) as well as the 1st and 2nd Deputy Mayors.

The Mayor (Borgmester) handles the daily management of the Kommune. The Kommune’s Executive Board is also appointed by the City Council, and is composed of the Kommune Director and four management area Directors, one of whom is also deputy kommune director.  Further information can be found under City Council, in the menu.

In the menu you will find a variety of information about the organization, names of directors and managers within the individual departments and offices, and a general description of how the Kommune functions. There will also be sections with other general information relating to the inner workings of the Kommune.

More detailed information of some information can be found under the Danish headings on (Organisation, Økonomi, Randersmodellen, etc.), though it will be in Danish.

Google Translate can be used to get an overview og the information.

Kommune Director Management Areas Organizational Diagram