Randers Kommune is governed by the Randers Model, and as part of that model, the City Council must regularly develop a vision for how the city will progress over a four-year period.

Vision 2017

In 2013, the City Council outlined Vision 2017, called "We will be the possibilities." During the 2013 council session, Vision 2017 was fleshed out over13 'vision' policies, which laid out how quality and service over 13 different areas were to be developed in Randers Kommune by the year 2017.The previous council prepared Vision 2016, which consisted of 19 related vision policies. As the City Council adopted the new vision policies, they replaced the previous vision policies.

Vision 2021

Randers kommune's current City Council has begun work on developingVision 2021, which will replace Vision 2017 once the new vision is adopted.

The City Council is expected to adopt a new vision in June 2014, and began work toward that in early February 2014. As part of the work, we have begun collecting inspirational and background information that you can find here (in Danish).