The Randers Model

The Randers Model represents the way Randers Kommune is governed.

The overall objectives of the Randers Model is effective, high quality service to citizens, more development, better opportunities for the City Council to manage the Kommune,  and space to Kommune directors and employees to determine the best ways to achieve the goals of the Kommune.

The Randers Model (Danish - Use Google translate)

Agreements and dialogue

The Randers Model rests on two pillars:  Agreement management and economic decentralization.

Randers Kommune’s Economic Decentralization Model (Danish - Use Google translate)

The City Council enters into agreements with all workplaces - also called contract units. It can be a kindergarten or a school, but can also be, for example, caring for parks and cemeteries, area centers or the library.

Every two years, politicians have a dialogue with the contract units where they discuss whether and how the objectives of the agreement are complied with, and also enter into a new agreement. The dialogue between politicians and contract unit is handled by the political committees.

Employees and users are involved

In the Randers Model it is a general principle that employees are involved in major decisions affecting the daily operations.

The leader of the contract unit needs to be associated with the preparation, conclusion and formation of the agreement involving employees via the local MED committee, and representatives of the employees - along with the manager – take part in the dialogue meeting with the committee. Also users - through the formal cooperative organizations, for example user committees - must be involved.

Finally, it is part of the Model that managers, boards of directors and employees shall have the right tools and training to use the model.

How does the Randers Model function and meet the objectives?

That was the theme for the evaluation of the Randers Model in 2010. You can read more about the proposals and challenges that emerged from the evaluation. (Danish - Use Google translate)