Quality Guidance System

Randers Kommune is working with the Quality Guidance System for Monitoring of the Nature and Environment management area.

Environmental Quality Guidance System

The quality management system must ensure professional quality, effectiveness and consistency of the city council proceedings on nature and the environment, citizens, and business confidence in and satisfaction with the procedure.

Further Information (in Danish)

Parliament adopted, in June 2006, an Act (No. 506 of 7 June 2006) that the municipalities must implement a quality management system procedure on nature and the environment. The law was followed by Executive Order No. 1258 of 15 December 2011.

The reason for the law is that a large part of the county are transferred to municipalities as a result of local government reform.

The quality management system must ensure

  • Professional quality, effectiveness and consistency of the municipal council proceedings on nature and the environment
  • Citizens and business confidence in, and satisfaction with the procedure.

The municipality must annually publish a description of the quality system (Quality Manual configuration), the municipality's quality policy and objectives, and a system status.


Randers Kommune’s quality management system is certified. The most recent certification was performed on 7 November 2012.

Certification is a regulatory control in which a neutral third party certifies and attests that the quality system is fully developed and effectively implemented in the organization. The certification takes place every 4 years in the form of a recertification.

In each 4 -year period there will also be conducted a number of external follow-up audits, where a defined part of the overall system is reviewed at random.

Randers Municipality has chosen DS Certification as a certification body.

User satisfaction

In order to know whether the system creates trust and credibility, regular surveys should be conducted of citizens' and businesses' satisfaction with the procedure (not with the decisions).

One of the requirements of quality management law is that municipalities must have their quality management system reviewed (audit) and certified by an external party (an accredited certification body). This will help to build trust and credibility of the scheme.

Competency management

To ensure that tasks are carried out with sufficient professional quality, the Kommune must ensure that it has the adequate skills to solve different tasks.


The task of quality control is performed on a daily basis by the immediate superiors of the individual departments and the system operator. The transmission system refers to the Environmental Manager Nels G. Markussen. 

If you wish to know more

Please feel free to contact TSO Anja Fisker Jensen by tel:  89 15 17 47, by e-mail:  afj@randers.dk, or Nature and Environment Manager Nels G. Markussen, tel:  89 15 16 90, e-mail: ngm@randers.dk.