Helper (Bisidder) and Proxy

When you need to meet with the Citizen Advisors, you are entitled to have a helper present.

What is a Helper (Bisidder)?

The helper is a person who can help and support you, and ensure that you have argued your case to the Citizen Advisor.

In addition, the helper helps you to understand the results of the Citizen Advisor’s processing of your case.

If you wish, your helper can have rights during the proceedings, in which case they will need to have a Power of Attorney form filled out.

The "Power of Attorney" form here

After Administration § 8 paragraph.1, you can be a party to a case and, at any stage of the proceedings, decide to grant proxy rights (also known as Power of Attorney) to the one who represents or assists you.

This means that you can get your helper (Party Representative) to represent you and help with your complaint to the Citizen Advisors.

This helper (party representatives) must have filled out a Power of Attorney form (see link above), which must be submitted to the Citizen Advisor along with the complaint.

Meaning of proxy

If there are complaints by the representative of a party, you get the confirmation of the Civil Advisor handling the case. You also get the results of the Citizen Advisor’s handling of the case, but all further correspondence is between the Citizen Advisor and the Party Representative.

The form must be signed by the person who gives the proxy (you, the party to the case).